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15ml_peppermint1Yesterday, I wrote about my daughter waking up feeling sick.  I was amazed at how fast she bounced back.  She went to school feeling just fine today and was actually feeling great most of the day yesterday.  I forgot to mention in my post that she had a fever so when I went to check on her I thought darn I should have given her some Children’s Tylenol or Motrin but, she was asleep so I couldn’t give it to her right then.  But, she had also complained that her stomach was upset.  I had heard that Peppermint Essential Oil was good for upset stomaches so ,while she was sleeping I rubbed a little of that on her feet as well.  When she woke up I was going to give her some Motrin but her fever was gone.  I just learned today that Peppermint reduces fevers.  A side benefit I didn’t even know about!